General Information

Wireless Access

There are two options for accessing the WiFi on the Max Planck Campus:

  • EDUROAM: The campus has an eduroam wireless network. If you use eduroam at your home institution you should be able to connect as normal. This is the preferred option.
  • MPIGUEST: There also exists an open guest wireless network “MPIGUEST” on the campus. Upon connecting you will be asked for a password. Use “MPIGUEST” as password.

Parent-child office & nursing room

We are pleased to offer an on-site parent-child office and a nursing room for participants traveling with children.

  • The parent-child office (room 0.10) is divided into a working area for the parent, and a children’s area with a playing mat, a child’s table and chair, and various toys. In addition, the room contains a small sofa and a space for a stroller. The accessible all-gender family bathroom with a changing table, located in the immediate proximity of the parent-child office, also serves as a unisex baby changing room.
  • The nursing room (room 2.12) is a quiet and relaxing space for new mothers to use for breastfeeding and resting. It is equipped with a comfortable chair, a diaper-changing table, a nursing cushion, and a fridge.

Prior reservation is possible and desirable. Please contact Darya Niakhaichyk.