The Gravitational-Wave International Committee (GWIC) appointed a sub-committee ( to develop a vision for the next generation (i.e., third generation, 3G) of gravitational-wave detectors on the ground. One aspect of this study is the development of the science case. The latter is being developed under the leadership of the 3G Science Case Team by a Consortium of more than 200 scientists around the world. The workshop is open to all 3G Science Case Consortium members as well as those working in other sub-groups of the 3G sub-committee.

It is expected that a first mature draft of the 3G Science Case will be available by September. The goal of this workshop is to present the full science case to the entire 3G Science Case Consortium and other 3G working sub-groups (R&D, Governance, etc., see of the 3G sub-committee, and to receive feedback on all aspects of the document. The workshop will be organized in the form of panels with talks interspersed with discussions on science prioritization. The workshop should also identify the next steps in finalizing the document, and the action items required for public dissemination, outreach and advocacy.

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