General Information

Wireless Access

There are two options for accessing the WiFi on the Max Planck Campus:

  • EDUROAM: The campus has an eduroam wireless network. If you use eduroam at your home institution you should be able to connect as normal. This is the preferred option.
  • MPIGUEST: The also exists an open guest wireless network “MPIGUEST” on the campus. Upon connecting you will be asked sign-in to the network. You can sign-in as a “guest user” by providing an e-mail address.

Discussion Rooms

We have reserved a number of rooms for break-out discussions, collaborative meetings, etc. These are 0.63, 1.15, and 1.63 all in the building of the AEI. To get into the building please ask one of the local participants/organizers or use any of the door bells for the secretaries.