Program of the workshop

Wednesday Thursday Friday
10.00-10.50 Sergiu Klainerman

Mars-Simon tensor, Carleman estimates and
uniqueness of the Kerr solution


10.00-10.50 Frans Pretorius

Binary black hole coalescence

10.00-10.50 Igor Rodnianski

On uniqueness for the Cauchy problem in General Relativity

11.00-11.30 coffee break 11.00-11.30 coffee break 11.00-11.30 coffee break
11.30-12.20 Piotr Bizoń

Late-time tails of linear and nonlinear waves

11.30-12.20 Pierre Raphael

Stable self similar blow up for the relativistic
gravitational Vlasov Poisson system

11.30-12.20 Gerhard Rein

Non-linear stability of non-relativistic and relativistic

14.00-14.50 Nils Andersson

Modelling “real” neutron stars; dissipative multi-fluid
systems in general relativity

14.00-14.50 Piotr Chruściel

Polyhomogeneous Scris in higher dimensions

14.00-14.50 Mihalis Dafermos

Strong cosmic censorship in surface symmetric
and toroidal symmetric spacetimes


15.00-15.30 coffee break 15.00-15.30 coffee break
15.30-16.20 Gustav Holzegel

Asymptotic stability of the five-dimensional Schwarzschild
metric under biaxial perturbations

15.30-16.20 Hans Ringström

Future non-linear stability of cosmological
models with accelerated expansion