Meeting on the Future of Gravitational Wave Research in Germany


The detection of gravitational waves from the coalescence of two black holes (GW150914) in 2015 was heralded as the dawning of a new astronomical era in the scientific community and the media alike. This detection, made with two advanced LIGO detectors in the US, was followed by multiple observations of binary black hole mergers and culminated in the detection of a binary neutron star system by advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo in August 2017, leading to the biggest astronomical observation campaign in history.

Germany has played a major role in pioneering gravitational wave research and in developing technologies that eventually led to the discovery. The next big step in gravitational wave research will be the design, construction and operation of the next generation of gravitational wave observatories. At this meeting we wish to discuss options for German researchers and institutions to paricipate in this endeavour.

Venue: The meeting will be held in the seminar room at the AEI, Callinstr. 38, 30167 Hannover.

Einstein Telescope.  Artist’s impression