Software setup and guidelines

Below you can find information about the software and usage guidelines for this workshop.


The workshop will be held online via Zoom. Zoom can be used without registering an account. The installation of the Zoom client software is also not required, if a compatible web browser is available. If you are using the client software (which is recommended), then please check that you have a reasonably up-to-date version installed before the workshop. The Link to the Zoom meeting for the workshop will be provided shortly before the workshop through the mailing list. Please use an identifiable name on Zoom.

All sessions will be recorded and made publicly available on this website, if possible. For this purpose, we ask all participants to let Brit know by email before the workshop if they give their consent to publish the recordings or not. The consent can be revoked at any time or for individual sessions, just contact Brit. Please make sure that Zoom is configured according to your preference, e.g., if you like your voice to be recorded but not your image, then please switch off the camera in Zoom.

We generally would appreciate if participants stick to the following guidelines:

  • If you want to speak up, then please use the “raise hand” feature of Zoom and wait until asked to speak. Keep your microphone muted if not speaking.
  • We ecourage everyone to switch on their cameras during the whole workshop, in order to create an atmosphere that is a bit closer to an in-person workshop.
  • Please do not use the chat feature of the Zoom meeting for scientific discussions. The chat will get lost after the meeting and is distracting for other participants. Instead, try to speak up during the discussion time instead, or use Slack.


Optionally, parallel discussions are encouraged through the chat platform Slack. An email with the invitation link for Slack was sent around through the mailing list. Slack requires registration. Please use an identifiable name on Slack.