The full program, including the schedule and abstracts can be found here

A picture of a representative set of participants is here

Bykov Flag manifold sigma-models slides
Manvelyan Weyl Invariance and Higher Spin Gauge Theory slides
Rudolph A Doubled Geometry for Quantum Gravity slides
Korovins Holographic reconstruction for flat spaces Blackboard
Prohazka Webs of W-algebras slides
Bengtsson Review of light-front higher spin: Concepts, methods, history and question slides
Campoleoni Gravity and higher spins in three-dimensional flat space slides
Adamo Twistors and higher spin theory slides
Grigoriev Background fields, conformal geometry, and higher spin interactions slides
Sundborg Quantum gravity reviewed from the boundary slides
Taronna No-go results: Old & New slides
Boulanger Partially-massless spin-two twisted duality in (A)dS slides
Hohm Higher gauge structures in field theory slides
Fredenhagen 3d Higher-Spin in Different Gauges slides
Raeymaekers Higher spin theory of tensionless strings on AdS(3) slides
Steinacker Higher spin gauge theory on fuzzy space(-times) from the IKKT matrix model slides
McLoughlin Soft-limits and Asymptotic Symmetries slides
Sachs Loops in AdS(4) Blackboard+slides
Bekaert Conformal higher-spin gravity as Induced higher-spin gravity slides
Pimentel Bootstrapping Primordial Fluctuations Blackboard
Zhiboedov Shocks and Superconvergence Blackboard
Joung Searching for a consistent PM gravity slides
Lal Lower Symmetries and Slightly Quantum Gravity slides
Schmidt-May Classically Consistent Spin-2 Interactions slides
Ponomarev Spinor-helicity formalism for massless fields in AdS slides
Schlotterer Double-copy structures and universality in string tree-level interactions slides
Grumiller Bulk side of higher spin SYK slides
Eberhardt The higher spin square and its emergence from the worldsheet slides
Bonezzi Einstein gravity from worldlines slides
Bonifacio Shift Symmetries in (Anti)-de Sitter Spacetime slides
Paul Loops in AdS(5)*S(5) from CFT slides
Lo Monaco Holographic Duals of 6d RG flows slides
Francia Asymptotic symmetries: from low to high spins slides