Practical information

– Access to Landhotel Golm
and click “Weitere Informationen”

– Workshop location: the talks will take place in the Seminar room 0.01 at the Albert Einstein Institute

– the address of the AEI is: Am Muehlenberg 1, 14476 Golm

– you can find directions and maps to reach the Albert Einstein Institute at:

and relevant maps of the area, here:

other information on how to get to Golm can be found here:

and you can also use the search form for public transport connections and precise timetables in the Berlin-Potsdam area at:


– external participants are suggested to have breakfast at their hotel, and lunch in the MPI canteen. These meals, as well as dinners, will be reimbursed through a per-diem together with travel expenses, after the workshop.

Payment at the canteen is by means of a special card only.
In order to obtain and use the special card please follow these steps:
• There are 3 machines outside of the canteen in the central foyer. The leftmost one
will provide you with the special card when you insert a bill. There is a deposit of 5
EUR for the card that you will get back when you return the card at the end of your
stay. If you insert more than 5 EUR the additional amount will get charged to your
card immediately.
• The middle machine is for recharging your card. It accepts bills and EC/Maestro debit
cards. You can also check the current credit on your card in this machine.
• At your departure, please do not forget to return the card by putting it into the
rightmost machine and choose the option to return the credit and the deposit. The
machine will then dispense the money in coins.