Scope and topics


March 3rd – 6th 2014

The workshop will bring together theoretical physicists working on different approaches to quantum gravity (with an interest in early universe cosmology) and cosmologists studying fundamental aspects of cosmological models (and interested in quantum gravity effects in the early universe).

Among the many topics we would like the workshop to touch upon are:

  • the pictures that different quantum gravity approaches offer of the early universe and of what replaces cosmological singularities in the quantum theory
  • the phenomenological implications of quantum gravity scenarios of the early universe
  • different cosmological models of the early universe and of structure formation, including inflation and its alternatives
  • quantum gravity issues raised by cosmological models

The schedule will consist of a number of regular talks (of about 40 minutes each) as well as plenty of discussion sessions, to stimulate interactions among the participants. Open exchanges and debate among contrasting points of view, a deeper understanding of the issues involved, and, possibly, new insights into the role of quantum gravity in the early universe, are our principal goals for the meeting.