Quantum Spacetime from Discreteness to Continuum

Workshop at the LPT Orsay: 21.03 – 23.03.2011

The general subject of the workshop, in many respects a follow-up of the Workshop “Spacetime as a statistical system” held at the Albert Einstein Institute (Potsdam-Golm) in July 2010, is the discrete-continuum spacetime transition in quantum gravity models based on discrete quantum structures, and the role that statistical field theory methods, in particular renormalization, play in elucidating it. More precisely, the focus themes of this workshop are:

  • Group Field Theory power counting, renormalization and thermodynamic limit
  • coarse graining and refinement in lattice gravity models
  • discrete/continuum transition in matrix models
  • other pre-geometric models of spacetime

The workshop will set the framework for new collaborations between researchers working on such fundamental issues, as well as strengthening the ties among research institutes involved.