NOTE: All the talks will take place at the LPT Orsay, amphi 1.

Relevant info and maps are available at the website:


Time Speaker Title
10:00-10:40 C. Rovelli Loop quantum gravity: the general structure
10:40-10:55 Coffee break
10:55-11:35 A. Baratin Aspects of group field theories
11:35-12:15 Discussion
12:15-13:45 Lunch Break
14:00-14:40 F. David Random matrix models and quantum decoherence in simple spin systems
14:40-15:20 J. Zinn-Justin Renormalization group approach to matrix models
15:20-15:50 Coffee & Discussion
15:50-16:30 R. Gurau The 1/N expansion in colored tensor models
16:30-17:00 J. Ryan TBA
17:00-17:40 F. Markopoulou Spin systems as toy models for emergent gravity
17:40-18:10 Coffee & Discussion


Time Speaker Title
09:30-10:10 R. Pereira Coherent states for quantum gravity
10:10-10:50 J. Ryan On the fate of the Immirzi parameter in discrete quantum gravity
10:50-11:05 Coffee break
11:05-11:45 S. Speziale 1-loop corrections to the Host action and the running of the Immirzi parameter
11:45-12:15 Discussion
12:15-13:45 Lunch Break
14:00-14:40 B. Duplantier TBA
14:40-15:20 V. Bonzom Radiative corrections in the Boulatov GFT model
15:20-16:00 Coffee and discussion
16:00-16:40 T. Krajewski GFT formulation of the Lorentzian EPRL/FK model
16:40-17:20 L. Sindoni Towards classical geometrodynamics from Group Field Theory hydrodynamics
17:20-18:00 Coffee and discussion


Time Speaker Title
10:00-10:40 B. Dittrich Coarse graining, renormalization and diffeomorphism symmetry in quantum gravity
10:40-10:55 Coffee Break
10:55-11:35 S. He Coarse graining theories with gauge symmetries: the linearized case
11:35-12:15 Discussion