Wireless Access

There are two options for accessing the WiFi on the Max Planck Campus:

  1. EDUROAM: The campus has an eduroam wireless network. If you use eduroam at your home institution you should be able to connect as normal. This is the preferred option.
  2. MPIGUEST: The also exists an open guest wireless network “MPIGUEST” on the campus. Upon connecting you will be asked sign-in to the network. You can sign-in as a “guest user” by providing an e-mail adres.


We will have lunch at the cafeteria in the central building. Lunch can only be paid using electronic cards, which will be provided at registration. The cards need to be charged using a machine in the main hall of the central building. This machine does not accept credit cards, so please bring some cash to charge your card. Also keep in mind that there are no cash machines in Golm. So please get cash before taking the train to Golm! Lunch should be around 5 euros a day. To avoid long queues for the charging machine, please consider charging your card during the first coffee break!