Scope and topics

The workshop “Quantum Gravity in Paris 2013” is the third in a regular series that aims at stimulating exchanges between different approaches to quantum gravity in all its aspects

This year’s emphasis is on the fundamental definition of the theory and its mathematical aspects, rather than physical applications.

The bulk of participants is represented by researchers in quantum gravity (in various approaches) and cosmology, renormalization, matrix models and statistical physics in the Paris area and by members of the quantum gravity group(s) at the Albert Einstein Institute. However, speakers and participants have been selected also among researchers in France and elsewhere, who are actively interested in the same topics.

The workshop will hopefully set the framework for new collaborations between researchers working on such fundamental issues, as well as strengthening the ties among the research institutes involved.

The schedule consists of a number of regular talks as well as plenty of organized discussion sessions, to stimulate interactions among the participants.